Watch Inter Miami vs. New York Red Bulls (8/26/23) Live Stream, Schedule, TV Channel for Messi’s MLS Regular Season Debut

Lionel Messi, the football maestro, is all set for his MLS debut after a splendid run of eight Cup matches with Inter Miami. In this thrilling encounter, the Herons are set to clash with the New York Red Bulls. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting fixture.

Messi’s Magic with Inter Miami

In a mere month since joining Inter Miami, Lionel Messi has already etched his name in the club’s history by leading them to the Leagues Cup title. This monumental achievement marks their first trophy in the club’s illustrious history. Additionally, Inter Miami is on the cusp of glory in the U.S. Open Cup final, showcasing Messi’s incredible impact despite his recent debut for the club.

The Uphill Battle for Inter Miami

However, the journey has not been without its challenges. Inter Miami currently finds itself trailing significantly in the MLS playoff race, languishing at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with a daunting 14-point gap to close. With only 12 matches remaining in the regular season (including one postponed match against Charlotte FC), Messi and Inter Miami face an uphill battle. Their quest for success demands nothing less than near-perfection during the stretch run.

Chasing the Red Bulls

Today’s adversary, the New York Red Bulls, is one of the teams Inter Miami aims to overtake in the standings. The Red Bulls currently occupy the 11th position, a mere three points shy of a coveted playoff spot. Their recent victory over D.C. United with a late winner underscores their determination to secure a playoff berth.

Inter Miami vs. New York Red Bulls : Starting Lineups

Let’s take a look at the starting lineups for this exciting clash:

New York Red Bulls (4-4-2, right to left):

  • Coronel (GK)
  • Harper
  • Reyes
  • S. Nealis
  • Tolkin
  • O. Fernandez
  • Edelman
  • Yearwood
  • Amaya
  • Luquinhas
  • Manoel

Inter Miami (3-5-2, right to left):

  • Callender (GK)
  • Aviles
  • Miller
  • Allen
  • Taylor
  • D. Gomez
  • Arroyo
  • D. Ruiz
  • Alba
  • Campana
  • Farias

Inter Miami vs. New York Red Bulls : Real-Time Updates

Stay in the know with live updates, highlights, and expert commentary on the NY Red Bulls vs. Inter Miami showdown.

Inter Miami vs. New York Red Bulls: LIVE

The action begins! Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets are currently on the bench, but the importance of this game cannot be overstated for Inter Miami. To keep their hopes of an MLS playoff spot alive, they must secure three crucial points. Each of their remaining 12 league matches is pivotal. The Red Bulls, too, are in the hunt for a playoff berth, making this clash even more intense.

Adding to the excitement, it’s hip hop night in Harrison, NJ, as they celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the musical genre with the unveiling of the Red Bulls’ third kit.

Stay tuned for more updates as this thrilling encounter unfolds.

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